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Please read instructions carefully before proceeding!

Last Date For Applying
Career advancement schemes statutes

Application for the post of Assistant Professor (Senior Scale Grade)
(From Academic Level 10 to Level 11)
Please revisit to print the application after submission

Application for the post of Assistant Professor (Selection Grade)
(From Academic Level 11 to Level 12)
Please revisit to print the application after submission

Application for the post of Associate Professor (Selection Grade/Academic Level 13A)
(From Academic Level 12 to Associate Professor, Academic Level 13A )
Please revisit to print the application after submission

Application for the post of Professor
(From Academic Level 13A to Academic Level 14 )
Please revisit to print the application after submission

Instructions for Filling the Application Form (Read the instructions carefully before filling the application form)

1. Before proceeding to apply, please Register yourself by giving your email as User ID and choosing a Password of your choice. Remember your password for future use.

2. Create an email account if you don't have one.

3. After registration, login through user ID and password and select the promotion category as per your eligibility and click "Proceed". (For example, from Academic Level 10 to 11 or 11 to 12 or 12 to 13A or 13A to 14).

4. Applicants are required to fill all information required in different sections like Personal and other details (Sl.No. 1-11), and click the "SAVE" button.

5. Start filling in other details like Academic and Research step by step.

6. For making an entry in each section click +Add and start filling information, and click "Update" for saving the entry. Then again click +Add for the next entry step by step following the same procedure. You can remove the wrong entry by selecting that entry and pressing the "Delete" button.

7. You can edit your entry by clicking the "Edit" button at any time.

8. After entering each section, ensure to click the "SAVE" button on the screen.

9. DO NOT PRESS REFRESH or BACK BUTTON, while making the entry.

10. The final application will be submitted only after entering any of the sections under "Research Project Category" i.e. Ongoing or Submitted or Completed.

11. At the bottom, there is an "Application Preview" button. Click here to go to preview all entries before clicking the "Final Submit" button.

Note: Before proceeding further please make sure that all the fields are filled correctly. Once submitted you cannot edit your application.

12. After submission, take out the 6 copies for those who opted for OLD SCHEME and 3 Copies for those whoe opted for NEW SCHEME of Promotion, of the submitted application using the "PRINT" button.

13. Attach all required documents mentioned in your application as enclosures.

14. Put page numbers on each page and spirally bound each application separately.

15. Put your full signature and date in signature column and also signature initial on each page.

16. The application must be forwarded by Head/Principal/Director.

17. Finally, submit all copies of the Application to Registrar, Patna University by